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Quality Australian Labradoodle

We are a small breeder, and focus on health and temperament and protecting the hard work that goes into keeping the high quality and registered standards set by the WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association).

All our breeding dogs are tested, as per the WALA requirements, including DNA testing for genetic diseases as well as eye, hip and elbow testing.

Quality Australian Labradoodle in Switzerland

Ideal companions for people with sensitivities

We will breed Medium and Mini sized labradoodles, with great coats, that are easy to maintain and mostly allergy friendly. The Australian Labradoodles do not shed or only minimally, making them ideal companions for people with sensitivities. These are qualities inherent to the origin of the breed, but as with all nature’s creations, not guaranteed.


Our dogs live in our home as full family members, with ample space and socialization opportunities and they grow up in a place, where they get used to all of the sights, smell and sounds of a family home, to give them the best start in life.


We can’t do puppies on “order” , sometimes they are Chocolate, Cream or Red color and sometimes they are not. Sometimes they have a white marking or they don't. Sometimes they are more sensitive, more active, more laid-back – it’s just like us really… and we won’t tell nature what to do!

We will always be here for any help

Your puppy will come home to you, with the following:


  • Amicus Chip and number

  • Passport including chip number and proof of vaccinations prior to 8 weeks old.

  • A full veterinary health check

  • Feeding, Education and general information documents to help you through those first days!

  • A squeaky toy or something that smells of Mum and siblings, so that he has something comforting with him to his new home.

  • 2 year health guarantee

We contractually will require, that all future puppies bought from us, be neutered by their future owners, latest at 18 months old. If you cannot abide by this, please do not apply for a puppy as these are requirements to protect the correct lineages of this wonderful breed!

Australian Labradoodle puppy
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