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Australian Labradoodles in Switzerland

About the Australian Labradoodle Breed

Cross between Labrador & Poodle & Cocker Spaniels

A Labradoodle is a simple cross between a Labrador and a Poodle. This was first done in the 1980’s with the ambition of creating an allergy-friendly therapy or guide dog.

Breeders in Australia then went a step further, to develop what is known as the Australian Labradoodle. This breed also contains Labrador and Poodle, but also infusions of Cocker Spaniel (English and/or American) which are the only 3 breeds approved by the WALA today - but you can also find Irish Waterspaniel and Curly Coated retriever in some history of the breed.

Toula Australian Labradoodle
Cobberdog Switzerland

The intelligence of the Poodle and the gentle, fun, playful disposition of the other breeds

Their temperament is outstanding, with the intelligence of the Poodle and the gentle, fun, playful disposition of the other breeds. They are loyal, sociable, and affectionate - always willing to please and sought after as fantastic family pets or therapy dogs

The Australian Labradoodle is active and always up for a hike, swim, game of ball and needs daily mental stimulation. They enjoy and excel at any type of training, from puppy classes to obedience or agility. It is the most extraordinary friendly, curious disposition of dog breed that we have shared our happiest moments with.

This breed comes in three sizes (measured in centimetres at withers):

Labradoodle breed size

Mini & Pocket-mini

Labradoodle breed size


Labradoodle breed size


Pocket-mini: up to 30cm and a weight up to 8 kgs

Mini: 30-43cm and a weight of approx. 7-13 kgs

Medium: 43-53cm and a weight of approx. 13-20kgs

Standard: 53-71cm and a weight of approx. 23-30 kgs

Australian Labradoodles coat colours:

Black pigment colours

Labradoodles coat colours




These dogs should have black noses and paw pads with brown eyes.

Brown pigment colours

Labradoodles coat colours




In this category, the dogs will have brown noses and paw pads and usually honey or lighter colored eyes.


Labradoodle coats
Phantom coat

Solid coat pattern is all one colour. It could vary either all black, chocolate, caramel, etc.

Beautiful Coats

The Australian Labradoodle comes with various coats. Curly fleece, Straight or Wavy fleece, all are incredibly soft and fairly easy to maintain if done regularly. Their coat is naturally longhaired, but professional grooming every 12-14 weeks is good to keep a clean, healthy coat for easy maintenance.

Labradoodles coats




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