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Guardian Homes

Australian Labradoodles are social, loving and at their happiest when they are with their humans, and this is the life we want for our breeding boys and girls. 

To be a good breeder of quality dogs we need to keep, evaluate, and add quality bloodlines into our breeding program. After completing the required health tests (DNA, Eye, Hip & Elbow scoring) and temperament testing, some will eventually fit into our breeding program. 

Labradoodle guardian home

Solution for the puppy to grow & live
in a loving Family Home

While we would love to keep everyone of our boys and girls - it is not possible for logistical reasons, we therefore place these labradoodle puppies into guardian homes - a solution for the puppy to grow and live in a loving family home, and for the guardian home to have a “pick of the litter” quality dog, at a very reduced price. 
We are here to fully support our guardian families and our home is like a home away from home for the dogs, as they can stay their holidays with us, or just come for a catch up and a play on a regular basis.

If you love this breed and would like to be a part of a breeding program efforts, this may be a win-win solution!

A guardian home is a lot of responsibilities and the following points are important to us:

You are genuinely interested in being part of another facet of this fantastic breed!


You live in a home with a fenced garden and nature walks close-by where your dog can come off the lead.


To feed the recommended food and follow health and vaccination protocols, at your expense.


That you do not work fulltime, as for the puppy/dog, not to be alone for more than 4 hours. 


You are ready to invest in training of your puppy, for your and the dogs - as well as everyone else’s well-being ☺


Be ready to come and see us and keep us updated, to follow-up on the puppy’s development and to make her comfortable with our home as well!


Keep the labradoodle clean and groomed and have a professional grooming done when needed.


Live not more than one, to two hours away from Nyon, Switzerland area.


All health tests that need to be done (at around one year of age) will be organized by us, at our expense.


When all tests have been cleared and the dog will come into heat at a later stage, you will accommodate for us to have her mated with a dog of the Breeders choice (a period of 2-3 days). All at our expenses.


You take the responsibility that the labradoodle is never mated “by accident” with any other dogs.


The dog will then come back to the breeder to have her puppies, a week before and during her motherhood (period of 9 weeks approximately). All expenses during this period are ours.


The labradoodle will have between 2-4 litters and will then be retired. At retirement, her papers will be transferred to the guardian family’s name, and she should be spayed at this time as well.

Australian Labradoodle

You will have in return:

A great pick of the litter, as a breeding prospect, a dog that you will be part of its success story. You will learn a lot about what it takes for this breed to bloom.

One of our treasured dogs in your family at a very reduced price.

She will be able to come back to us for pension, during your holidays, at reduced prices, (unless we have a litter at home) - this also to make sure that she is comfortable here and knows our place as well, for when the time comes for her to have her puppies here.

And of course all the joy and fun that comes when you share your life with an Australian Labradoodle!!

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